All you need to know about buying domestic travel insurance

While on holiday, even within the country, you can face emergencies or unexpected situations like losing your wallet, flight cancellations or loss of baggage.

To prevent these financial risks, you should opt for a domestic travel insurance policy.

How to buy?

Domestic travel insurance can be bought while making the booking on a travel aggregator website if the aggregator has a tie-up with an insurance company. Else, this can be purchased separately from any general insurance company, online or offline.


One can buy a single trip travel insurance policy or an annual multi-trip cover. A multi-trip cover is suitable and more economical for frequent travellers and spares them the time and effort needed to purchase individual policies every time. The policy can be purchased to cover the purchaser as well as his family members like spouse, parents, and children.


It is important to check the age restrictions for covering family members in the travel policy. Senior citizens typically get travel insurance up to the age of 85 without having to undergo medical tests.


For an online travel insurance application, the age of the family members to be covered needs to be provided in the application form. Name and address of the insured, as well as travel dates, also need to be provided. Once the details are provided, the premium is calculated and can be paid online using net banking, credit card or e-wallets.

Points to note

Customers can add 'pilgrimage' rider or separate 'pilgrimage cover' if applicable, which covers other risks such as accident cover, loss of PAN and other valuables. It is important to understand the coverage of each policy product offered by different insurers to be able to choose the most suitable option.

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