Now choose the registration number of your choice at the time of Car purchase for Rs 25,000

Want a fancy car registration number?

Buying a new car? You can now choose a registration number of your choice by paying Rs 25,000. Delhi government’s transport department auctions the most sought after ‘fancy numbers’, such as 0001 or 9999, for a hefty minimum reserve price. However, the department now wants to extend the choice by allowing car buyers to get a registration number of their liking at the time of purchase itself, provided it’s not one of the fancy numbers that it auctions.


The transport department issued a notification, which will allow the allocation of desired registration numbers to car buyers for a flat fee of Rs 25,000. Earlier, car buyers could get registration numbers of their choice by paying Rs 20,000 but only after making the rounds of the transport department. Now the buyers can get the number of their choice at the car dealership itself.

The craze for fancy numbers

“While numbers such as 0001 or 1111 are always the most sought after and are auctioned for large sums of money, we realized that there could be numbers that might appear random to others but might be sought after by a particular buyer for some personal reason. The number could be someone’s date of birth or residence address,” a transport department official said.

“We have found that many first-time car buyers, particularly the youth, have a craze for fancy numbers. While the numbers that we auction might be too expensive for many, they can now opt for a number of their choice when buying a car,” he said.

Online availability

The registration numbers will be available online at vehicle dealerships, where these can be chosen without visiting a transport department office even once. “As soon as the payment for a car is made, the car buyer will be given the choice to opt for a registration number among a series of numbers. The buyer will have half-an-hour time before finalizing the registration number of his/ her choice,” he said, adding that “the fee will have to be paid online”.

For two-wheelers

Owners of two-wheelers can also opt for fancy numbers through e-auction now. The minimum reserve price for the series 0001 for two-wheelers would be Rs 50,000, Rs 30,000 for series 0002 to 0009, Rs 20,000 for 0010 to 0099, 0786, 1000, 1111, 7777 and 9999 and Rs 15,000 for other fancy numbers.

Good source of revenue

The e-auction of fancy numbers is a good source of revenue for the transport department thanks to the craze among Delhiites for ‘VIP’ numbers. In June 2017, the department landed a windfall after a registration number of 0001 was auctioned for Rs 16 lakh, the highest ever.

e-auctioning facility

The completely online e-auctioning facility for fancy registration numbers is conducted by the Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. on behalf of the transport department. Earlier, allotment of the fancy registration numbers, popularly known as VIP numbers, was purely discretionary. In 2014, the Delhi government framed rules wherein a minimum reserve price of these numbers was fixed and it was decided to conduct e-auctioning of these numbers.

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